"CHASE" is the breakdown of an unhealthy companionship between 2 lovers .... one of which, decides that because her love is so great and her partner doesn't feel this emotion in equivalence, she must take drastic measures to keep him for herself .... 


Maurice Daniel Project

The New School Philosopher

After listening to Virginia artist Maurice Daniel's latest project entitled "Hiding in Plain Sight", it was almost as if it was imperative to light a cigar and pour a glass of bourbon, sit down and simply listen.  The project is raw.  The samples are inspiring.  Close your eyes as the soundcloud streams and you'll think your computer is spinning a vinyl.  The track that I play the most has to be "Perfectly Wrong" which is the last track on the project.  It's the hidden gem, no pun intended.  The song's poetic intimacy is directed towards a fragile women and the mistakes leading up to a dysfunctional love triangle.  I cannot put into words how important this entire project, as well as the artistry as a whole is for the genre of hip-hop in this day and age.  This is truly beautiful music, stemming from the roots of the culture. 




Hip-hop's Project X

TLA artists Cal Mobley & Dubby have teamed up to create a party of epic proportions w/ their Bradly Atom filmed visual, "Ante Meridiem".  The video is the notable single off of THE CLIMB EP which you can stream live off of soundcloud or purchase for $3 on Band Camp.  An interesting fact about the video is that it was all created within the confines of the two artists' apartment.  The apartment serves as a video set and is already being used for another up and coming visual.  For a review on the new material, check out the indie hip-hop critique, NikkiSixx, who wrote a rather intriguing article on Team Loko's new music!  

TLA @ The Moose in Gettysburg

The TLA coalition will be in their hometown of Gettysburg, Pa this Saturday (Nov. 14th) for an epic hip-hop showcase that will feature multiple representatives of the Team Loko crew.  DJ O’Bannon (far left) has been DJ’ing in Italy over the past couple years while serving for the United States Military.  He will be the main man behind the 1’s & 2’s this Saturday.  Brooks (2nd from right) has been making music on the low for the past couple years and plans to open up 2016 with a project of his own entitled “Babbling Brooks” featuring some familiar names (full disclosure).  On the far right is DC native, Cal Mobley, currently in the process of finishing a collaborative project w/ Dubby that will be called “The Climb” and will be available on Soundcloud this winter. 

You can find the entire crew at The Moose this Saturday!  Grab some new gear for the show and be sure to keep all the projects in mind.  2016 will be the year of the Krazy.